Controlling health insurance costs

There are a number of things you can do to help keep health insurance costs more in line with your budget. Here are a few tips you can immediately put to work on your behalf.

Think ahead about health costs

Planning ahead can help control costs. Talk to your doctor about costs if he or she recommends a procedure. Consider all of the expenses, including anesthesiologist and hospital stays. Some websites have treatment cost estimators to help you assess what a specific treatment might cost. Of course, costs vary by location, but in general you can get an idea about what the financial burden might be.

Use health insurance  in-network providers

Ohio health insurance companies manage costs by negotiating lower cost contracts with in-network physicians and hospitals. If you use one of these, your costs will be lower. Some health insurance plans do not cover out of network benefits at all and the cost will be entirely yours. Make sure you know what is involved before you choose a doctor and hospital. This is one area in which you do not want to be surprised.

Prescription drug costs

Some health insurance plans from offer prescription drug benefits and others do not. Either way, you can lower the cost of prescriptions by using generic drugs, as long as your physician does not object. Talk to him or her.  Many Ohio health insurance companies offer a mail-in option that can be lower cost, too.

Consider a plan with HAS

A health savings account permits you to contribute a certain amount of pre-tax money to pay for certain current and future medical costs. Think about choosing an Ohio health insurance plan that offers this option.

Stay healthy

You can help manage health care costs by a healthy lifestyle.  See your physician regularly for preventive care and screenings, such as mammograms. Do not smoke and drink only in moderation.  Stress reduction is an important factor in good health, as is eating a healthful diet and exercising. You have more control over your health than you might think.

Using emergency rooms

One reason for higher hospital costs is that many people use the hospital emergency room for non-emergencies. If at all possible, see your primary care physician instead of going to the emergency room. Of course, in an emergency to not hesitate to go to the hospital.